But most of all I love that being a wedding photographer allows me to deeply connect with people on one of the biggest days of their lives. Knowing I’m there to create lasting memories of the absolute highest highs in someone’s life is really what it’s all about for me.

It’s truly amazing to me that I get to do a “job” where I spend my time meeting amazing new people (who end up feeling like close friends when it’s all said and done!) and taking my creative skills and photography passion and turning them into memories to last a lifetime!

I’m a Wisconsinite through and through who loves the Green Bay Packers, never says no to champagne, and is always up for a crazy dance party!

Hey! I’m Katie! I’m a born-and-raised Milwaukee girl who grew up with a camera in her hand and a firm belief that somehow, some way, I would be a photographer when I grew up. I know it’s the cliché, but being behind the camera and being creative is always where I’ve felt the most at home!

I truly love nothing more than showing up to a wedding day ready to celebrate the biggest day in your life with you. I’ll laugh (and probably cry!) right along with you and your friends and family. I’ll also probably dance while I take photos at the reception – I can’t help it! 


a Glass of champagne

Any time is a good time for

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I love the 4th of july

Milwaukee Girl

I am a

Through and through

read a good book"

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-JK Rowling

the lake house

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and adventure seeker

I'm equal parts homebody

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The mountains

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What I do best

I love being behind the camera ... but in front of it? I am an awkward, self-conscious, hot mess! So I GET IT. I get that feeling you probably have right now envisioning getting through engagement photos and a whole day of wedding photos. But that's where I come in! Because what I lack in model-capabilities, I more than make up for as a photographer. I always say, "just roll with the awkwardness and laugh through it!" and I'll capture those perfect care-free, love-filled moments. I never, ever want you to feel like you can't have those happy, amazing, magazine-worthy, ones-to-show-your-grandkids, best-ever kind of photos you see others have - because you can! We will make it fun, we will make it easy, heck bring some champagne or beers along to top it off, and I'll get you your very own personal best-ever photos!